Hey I'm Max!
I play guitar and sing in the WingaDoos!

Did you know that money habits are formed by the age of 7?

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Hi I'm Pearl!
I play the accordian and keyboards for the WingaDoos!

Did you know less than 10% of US students are taught lessons on money matters?

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Hi I'm Kai!
I play drums and make beats for the WingaDoos!

Did you know that 2/3 of Americans are failing a basic financial literacy test?

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Hi I'm Lulu!
I sing and play guitar for the WingaDoos!

Did you know that 44 million americans have student debt?

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Hi I'm Booker!
I am the band manager for the WingaDoos!

1 of 3 Americans has little to no money saved, we show kids the benefits of saving early.

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What We Doo

Created by Emmy award winning children’s TV producers, the WingaDoos is an interactive journey that builds strong money habits in children through engaging storytelling. Kids play and learn on their in-class flat panels or at-home personal tablet.

The Story

The WingaDoos are a fun group of musical pigeons from "Williamsbird" facing the trials and tribulations of starting a band.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Should the WingaDoos buy a new drum kit or save for another goal? Kids choose an outcome and learn about the costs and benefits of their decisions.

Rewards For Progress

As kids progress through their journey and complete challenges, they may earn amazing rewards like "pigdgey banks", toys, books, games and more!

How We Doo It

Students explore lessons that have many different possible outcomes and of course enjoy lots of great songs too!

Who We Doo It For

Students use the software, but we provide support materials for Parents, Teachers, and Partners to help make it a daily part of their routine.


The WingaDoos is designed to educate and delight kids in the 1st and 2nd-grade classrooms.


Families looking for a tool to teach their kids about the importance of money matters love The WingaDoos.


The classroom now has a tool to teach financial literacy, aligned with curriculum standards. Educators rejoice at the ease and fun of lessons.


The WingaDoos works with major financial services companies, corporate sponsors, governments, and grants. Get in touch to learn more.