Financial Literacy for K-3

Meet WingaDoos, a fun, interactive way to teach kids responsible money habits.

WingaDoos' animated, interactive stories are focused on building financial literacy - saving, spending, growing, and giving

Should the WingaDoos buy a new drum kit or save for another goal? Kids choose and learn about the consequences of their decisions

As kids complete challenges within their journey, they can earn badges and other amazing rewards and goodies

Wingadoos is designed for use in the classroom,
and at home

Both teachers and parents now have a tool to teach financial literacy, aligned with
Jump$tart and other curriculum standards.

Free, safe, ad-free mobile app

Kids play and learn on their in-class flat panels or at-home personal tablet. Lessons taught in school get reinforced in the comfortable environment of home as children learn about money and responsibility through interactive, COPPA-compliant videos

On the very same day (the WingaDoos) completed your presentation, I had so many teachers come to me to express how impressed they were with your program and how much the students enjoyed it. The next day, I had other teachers from other grades asking me how we could arrange for the WIngaDoos to come to their classrooms next!
Kathleen Matsutani
Principal, Lillian Drive Elementary School
Our kids enjoyed the interactive experience of the workshop and "PBS feel" of the content. Looking forward to seeing more WingaDoos themed financial literacy experiences in my classroom!
Anna M.